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Week 5: Email "25 Ways The F-Word Can Help Your Business Thrive" Marketing Challenge

Read it.📖 I promise you'll love it! You loved it, right? That's what I thought. What's your favorite? My personal favorite is, “Fucking trust your gut,” And that's precisely what I'm going to do with this little woody website... Don't judge me.🙈 Ok, let's get to it. Week 5 Email Results: This week was all about testing a hunch I had about the list and their interest in woodworking. My hunch is they are interested in a specific type of woodworking but what type? That's what we need to find out. In the email, I presented a series of questions and gave three options/solutions [links to a page on the website about a specific topic). The goal is to learn what resonates with the readers. Here are the numbers: 352 emails 28.69 Opened 4.26 Click rate The results— an even split on each link!!! I even split!!! WTF!!! I guess that's a "Keep Fucking Learning" from below. It's a small sample size, so I won't give it too much weight...but Fuck! Ok...moving on (Such a potty mouth...sorry Mom!). Searching for Affiliate Offers: I am looking for affiliate platforms where the merchants offer a much more reasonable commission. What I will do: For example, if my website was about dogs and there was a dog CBD store with an affiliate program. I'll test the affiliate link directly in the emails and write about the product " 12 reasons your dog needs CBD." I'm looking for affiliate woodworking tools, plans, and novelty items. Here's what to expect next week.

  1. Continue to look for higher-quality affiliate products that align with the website and provide an excellent preselling funnel with bonuses.

  2. Continue to test different angles with emails.

I will wait to change the welcome sequence and the opt-in until I have more answers. Thanks for reading. xoxoxoxo Barbara P.S. Taking # 17 advice. "Ask for Fucking help." If anyone is an expert at affiliates, please reach out. P.P.S. I think we should all print this out and hang it on our wall...Fuck ya? OMG...I'm grounded.

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