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I'm Barbara

There’s a unique part of you that many business owners mistakenly believe they have to hold back.


That's not YOU!

You're ready to have a unique brand that your clients will fall in love with...but how?


Your Brand Voice unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client attraction and opportunity magnet.​


Soul of Your Brand Archetype, perfectly captures your spirit, personality, and passion, transforming YOU into an authentic brand you can instantly use to launch this exciting new direction in your business.


Once you have your authentic brand voice then it's easy to confidently write attention-getting emails, sales copy, and marketing material (not to worry if you're not a writer— because I am!).


Who am I and why should you trust me?

I’m Barbara Murphy-Shannon and I went back to college and earned my master's in psychology. I geek out on word psychology and how when you read certain words it's foreplay for your brain. Just by reading certain words serotonin and oxytocin are released which creates pleasure making the readers feel good—and when you make a reader feel good, they’ll naturally want to listen to you, want to read more about you and your product, and ultimately buy.  

Told you I geek out on this stuff.

I grew up outside of Boston, so I speak two languages. English and Bostonian (Paak the caa in Haavaad Yard). Married and have two adult children and a talkative golden doodle name Jessie


I'm a Business Coach, writer, and email strategist. I help you create a strong brand and messaging that is clear, cohesive, compelling, and consistent that your clients will love.

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Reserved strictly for entrepreneurs and creatives (or ones in the making,) of all ages, and backgrounds with no single defining difference except they want their brand and marketing to WORK but without sacrificing their voice, values, and beliefs. They want an easy way to communicate with their customers and build strong relationships. 

If you're not sure about your Brand Messaging then I recommend you start with a FREE Branding with Archetypes Assessment. If you have a strong brand but need help with messaging, email marketing, and automation, then click the button above "Work with Me" and let's see if you're a good fit.