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Updated: Jan 7

This is a great exercise and I highly recommend it for everyone because without reflection you can’t make good decisions moving forward. I like this format that I picked up on the internet… so here we go.



Weekly hours worked in 2021: With selling our home and moving and lots of pivoting throughout the year my weeks varied depending on the demand and program launches but if I would guess I’d say 25-30 hours per week was the average and that includes courses and training.

Programs/courses I sold/created in 2021: Elevate in 2021 in the Spring and then again in the Fall, Coaching programs, and coming soon...my NEW Foreplay Copy newsletter starting in 2022 (SO excited about this! More details to come!)


My theme word for 2021 was: Elevate because going into 2021, I wanted to up my game, go big or go home, and grow my business. If I had to choose another word for 2021, it would be PIVOT. I had some major shit and sweetness happen in 2021, with some huge shifts in my business plus, son getting COVID, turning 60 years old (what????), selling our home in Scottsdale and buying a new home in Fountain Hills, our daughter getting engaged (Greece here we come), and making some big decisions to totally change how and what I offer in my coaching business…. A LOT of pivoting!!!

This year I accomplished: Having steady clients month after month = security. Writing copy, writing my book excerpts, selling our home, and staying healthy.

And… Finally seeing my coaching company steadily growing, not how I imagined it but even better.

And… Being willing to drop that which does not serve me moving forward. It took me a few years to get here!

I did not accomplish: Finishing my book but I’m ok with it because this is a creative process that has its own time frame. It can’t be rushed just to be done. I truly believe it’s more important to take my time and enjoy the process rather than putting pressure on myself with a pie-in-the-sky deadline I have set for myself or someone else has set for me. I didn’t stick with a schedule which I plan to in 2022.

What got in my way was: I don’t know… ME!? Maybe YOU KNOW WHAT had something to do with it??? I had a great spring launch of Elevate in 2021– it was my first attempt at a group coaching live virtual program. I made some mistakes and learned a lot so I thought I would give it a try again in the fall which tuned out to be even better, but I don’t think I’ll be offering it again or I’ll make it a self-study program that people can learn at their own pace. I am doing more strategy and marketing work that I love and can foresee a different group program down the road. TBD.

I am most proud of: Watching my clients and knowing I had a small part in their success. I love being part of a community and feel I am contributing. My children and what wonderful adults they have become. Kind, loving, considerate with a great work ethic and no drama. My husband for being my biggest fan through it all. xoxoxo

I worked hardest at: Writing! I took courses, read books, and studied the greats but the hardest was letting go of the fear of what others might think about what I write and post on the internet. This is, of course, easier said than done. The real reason this is not so easy is that when you're writing things on the internet, it's not just you anymore. As Ash Ambirge wrote so well, “If we were scared to enter a cocktail party without knowing anyone, as we so infamously are, imagine if every single person at the cocktail party is armed with a comment box, a reply button, and a 140-character tweet to tell you exactly what they think of you, right then and there. That's what writing on the internet is like. And that's precisely what makes it so intimidating. The knowledge that you will be judged automatically has the power to suffocate your creativity with saran wrap—and that's a proven fact.”

I failed most epically at: Working with clients that were not ready. Not that there was anything wrong with them or that I couldn’t help them. Just like when you date someone, sometimes it just doesn’t work. I failed to trust my gut. Why? Because, again, just like a relationship, I thought I could change them…Dah! I need to understand it’s not my failure. I can’t force someone into action. I can’t do it for them.

And what I learned from this failure was: My new rule is, trust my gut. You know when you know.

What I would have done differently this year: Focus on my brand. Don't get so bogged down in the little things. My brand archetypes are Sage (resolves around knowledge and truth) and Hero (fighting for the underdog) and I need to lean on these to build a stronger brand and step out of the sea of sameness which is easily forgotten. Polarize or be ignored.

The biggest lesson I learned was: Running a business does not need to be so hard. When you offer a product or service that the market sees as valuable, it’s never hard. The market will always decide, no matter how good you think a product or service is, if the market does not, they won’t buy it. Cut your losses early and move on.

The biggest risk I took was: Pivoting my business and offering more branding, copywriting, and marketing, becoming a full-time Business coach instead of a life coach and believing in myself when I had soooo many doubts! (much harder than you think).

This year I tolerated: Less growth for the sake of myself, my relationship, and my family. I certainly didn't start a business so I could sit inside a tiny room for 10 hours a day hammering on my laptop, forgetting to pee, and feeling guilty for taking a break to heat up last night's Kung Pao Chicken. Don't get me wrong, I love, love to write, and can get lost for hours. Sure we can always work more and you would probably accomplish a hell of a lot more but at what cost. This is why I block out free time on my calendar, refuse appointments, don't work on client work, and say "I'm just not available at that time but I can fit you in tomorrow at 11 am." You control your calendar, not the other way around. Because here's the thing about taking time to breathe and relax. It's in these times that you are the most creative and productive and isn't that why you're doing this in the first place.

I kicked serious ass at: Making money. I sold our home in Scottsdale *myself* thanks to my sister-in-law for showing me the way. I sent out great proposals and offers that my clients couldn’t refuse (love you guys). I worked really hard at over-delivering to make sure my clients were successful! I am a strategic thinker…planner, like in the game of chess. I can see 10 moves ahead of most people. It’s one of the BEST qualities (besides writing with heart that resonates with your ideal client) I will bring to you if we work together. Most of my clients have a different zone of genius. I will help you see the vision, that is invisible to others but is possible for you. It’s my superpower and I love helping you reach your goals!

I became a different person this year: I changed my business model from life coaching to business coaching and I’m pretty good at it. Not that I wasn’t a damn good life coach, but I wasn’t a therapist and sometimes that’s what someone needs when they are seeking life coaching. I’m more of a realist, a truth-seeker, a ‘get your ass off the floor and let’s do this’… kind of a coach (not for everyone…which I’m ok with). I’m so happy when I am able to help my clients and witness the "aha" moments and results in sales and engagement. Numbers don’t lie.

I learned this year that I am: Ok with it not being perfect. “Taking action” is better than perfect. It produces more results than waiting and waiting and waiting for it to be perfect (I'm sure there are typos or misspellings in the post...who cares. If it bothers you, then unsubscribe, I'm ok with it).

I am super grateful this year for: So many things that I can’t list them all. My health (no kidney stones and my lack of a thyroid seems to be leveling out but still fighting my weight, learning to love my body that is and never will be perfect, and quit playing the comparison game). My husband & children, family, and friends. Working for myself and the freedom it provides. My new home and office mate/companion, Jessie (she's 14 years old - that’s 98 in dog years). My clients, especially Sarah McLean who I’ve loved working with daily and hope to for many, many years to come and feel blessed for her friendship and wisdom that always inspires me to be a kinder, more compassionate, and mindful person.

If I remember one thing from this year, I want it to be: You and your loved ones have their health which is HUGE!!!! I will not take it for granted and know how lucky I am.


My theme word for 2022 is: Intentional! I will only do things that I have planned or are part of the big picture. I will not let shiny objects seduce me, buy things I don’t need, and not worry about what everyone else is doing.

This year I will commit to doing: My goal for 2022 is to do something ambitious each month. If you tackle something ambitious each and every month, by the end of the year you will have been ambitious on a dozen separate occasions. For January, I will launch Foreplay Copy Newsletter. While I highly doubt I will have a huge subscription...in the beginning, by the end of the month I will have a creative project I can point to. More Writing! My book, content, newsletter, and emails.

I will be most proud of myself if: My clients and family are happy and successful!

I will commit to accomplishing: A big revamp of BMS Coaching programs and offerings. I should have this up and running by March! (this will come with a price increase so if you have been waiting to work with me, Below you will find a top-secret code for 20% off any of my coaching and marketing packages when you book before March 31, 2022 (ya, you read it right, that's 20% off), because you're awesome, and I hope this sparks a little joy in your inbox. I have some great stuff planned just for YOU in 2022.

SECRET CODE: Shannonspecial2022

Click here to connect then we can get on a call and tell me what you need to make 2022 your best year ever!!!

I will STOP doing: Straight up life coaching. As a business coach, I offer strategy, branding, copywriting, email marketing to entrepreneurs that want to grow their business, and if you know anything about being an entrepreneur it can be lonely as hell, frustrating, scary, stressful, and overwhelming at times so, yes, there is life coaching in business coaching. I will coach you off the ledge, help you build your confidence muscle, and be your biggest cheerleader when you need it most. I got you!

I anticipate my biggest challenge to be: Time management. I have big dreams, ideas, and desires and it takes discipline, hard work, and time. Keeping to the schedule is key and knowing when to quit.

I will make it easier on myself by: Connecting and networking with like-minded entrepreneurs to support each other and help me as I restructure my business, from creating new programs to getting help with my own mindset of what is possible

This year I will not tolerate: Drama. I'm over it.

This year I will take the risk of: Letting go of doing it all. I’ll hire a VA or assistant to help me with all the stuff I shouldn’t be doing or don’t need to be doing.

This year I will go to: Fingers crossed COVID won’t stop us. Florida for Mom’s 90th Birthday and Greece for my daughter’s wedding

This year I will have: A new newsletter called Foreplay Copy that my subscribers will fall in love with

This year I will be: A writer (even when I doubt myself)

I will have a relationship that is: Considerate and understanding

I will have friendships that are: Authentic

I will have a body that is: Healthy and strong

I will have a career that: I love!

I will hold myself accountable by: Asking for help when needed.

This year, I will never ever: Make someone else agenda my agenda.

And I will always always: Be as helpful as I can within the boundaries that support me


1. Start building your email list sooner than later (like, now) It’s the only marketing vehicle you own that can’t be taken away or controlled.

2. Be consistent, connect with your customers and future customers, tell stories, share, and invite them into your world so they will know, like, and trust you.

3. Invest in getting help in your business. It’s SO worth it and will always pay off. There is no need to figure this shit out on your own. Why re-invent the wheel??? (You know where to find me :)



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