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Week 3: "Jigsaw is not just a psycho killer" Email Marketing Challenge

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

I was gonna start off with a carpentry joke But didn’t know if it woodwork. Week 3 - Email Marketing Challenge As a reminder, I can’t reveal the actual site for privacy and SEO reasons. So throughout this challenge, I’ll use a fictitious site name called "Wally's Woodworking." I was speaking with the website owner, Tom, and I didn’t realize that many people take up woodworking to improve their mental health. Did some research, and this is a real thing. I can see it, and then again… Maybe running a power tool with a big sharp blade named after a psycho killer could potentially be a problem if you’re not all there. But no judgment. But before we get to the email and numbers, I want to let you know something. Tom loved the idea of adding an exit pop-up lead magnet to the website. Nailed it. Ba-dum-tss! I should have some numbers next week. We are running a couple of different types of pop-ups.

  1. The old one that we are currently using - “get XYZ for Free.”

  2. "Woodworking improves your health. Both physical and mental. Grab XYZ for FREE!

We’ll determine which does better after some testing. I decided to see if this positioning had any "teeth," so I wrote this week's email about mental health and Woodworking benefits. It was a little too serious for me, and will probably go back to more storytelling next week. Below is a copy of the actual Email. The results of the May 18, 2023 email and the resend email. Open Rate: This week: 34.63 Last week: 34.09 So it held steady. I didn’t include a link in this email since it was a more sensitive subject. Am I wrong? Thoughts? MTD Stats 11 new subscribers 0 unsubscribes 1 bounce As I mentioned before, I only have access to basic membership with getresponse, so I'm limited with what tools are available, but there is always a workaround. For example, the basic membership does not include "Perfect Timing." The people on the list live worldwide, mainly in the USA, but still in many different time zones. Therefore, I recommend segmenting the list by time zones. I didn’t have much success with this. You can’t segment by time zones, but you can by state. I attempted but found I was missing names and countries. I haven’t given up, but in the meantime, I’ll send out the email at different times each week and track the numbers and results. There is a 30-day automation welcome sequence set up, and I figured out how I can eliminate any people from my emails that are still in the automation. It might skew the numbers moving forward. We’ll wait and see. This week I’m going to see if any of the emails in the welcome sequence can be improved. They average a 27-30% open rate, but there are a couple below that I might be able to improve. Ok, getting it done. Whittle by whittle.

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