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Week 2: "Risk it to Get the Biscuit," Email Challenge

SOUND THE ALARM —the moment we have all been waiting for has arrived! No, I’m not talking about the moment in which I finally accepted the fact that my large thighs are never, ever going away (thanks, Mom). Rather, It's week! Week 2 - Email Marketing Challenge I'm not going to lie, this week was tough. I was sick with a sinus infection coughing up a lung. "Atchoo! sniff...sniff" Let's grab a tissue and see what I did this week. Even though I felt like shit, I kept to my commitment and got the email out on Thursday as promised. Although, I am sure it wasn't my best work since my brain was on a NyQuil margarita high. As a reminder, I can’t reveal the actual site for privacy and SEO reasons. So throughout this challenge, I’ll use a fictitious site name called "Wally's Woodworking." The results of the May 11, 2023 email and the resend email. 34.09 Open rate 3.25 Click rate 96% Desk Top users MTD Stats 13 new subscribers 7 unsubscribes 1 bounce I only have access to basic membership with getresponse (the email service provider), so I'm limited with what tools are available, but there is always a workaround. For example, the basic membership does not include "Perfect Timing." The people on the list live worldwide, mainly in the USA, but still in many different time zones. Therefore, I recommend segmenting the list by time zones and sending it accordingly so each time zone is delivered first thing in the morning. I also discovered there are more women on the list than I thought, and I've been writing my emails to men. So I plan to adjust the speech in the copy to be not so gender specific. I don't have control over the website. There is currently one pop-up opt-in lead magnet on the website. The website owner wants to avoid more opt-in's because he doesn't want it to compete with the ads on the website, which of course, makes $. So I've suggested we add an exit pop-up. It won't interfere with the ads and could capture additional email addresses. I've requested the affiliate sales reports and I'll share them once they become available. That's a wrap. Now wine. Just kidding, shots. of NyQuil


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