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Journal Prompt #7 - Find a Lesson

What's the silver-lining? Spending more time with family?  Your new (no) commute to work? SO.....many people have vowed to not come out of this pandemic the same person, with the same lifestyle, with the same bad habits, with the same shitty attitude, the same over-committed schedule, and with the same fears.  They have had a chance to live differently, think differently and be different. A better version of what life could be. What habits will you carry into the future?  Prioritize more time with family, a smarter work strategy, more time to be alone with your thoughts, a new ritual that you've grown to love..no pants or yoga pants, or a new spiritual practice. As Thrive’s founder and CEO Arianna Huffington wrote in her Sunday newsletter, “The pandemic has made it all too clear that we cannot continue to live and work the way we have — breathlessly and always on.” They polled the Thrive community to share the meaningful rituals, life lessons, or small habits that they’ve learned from this time.  Which of these will you take with you going forward? Habit-stacking “I’ve started habit-stacking during this time, and it’s a great way to introduce behaviors you want to start, or reinforce existing ones that have been difficult to maintain. Habit-stacking is when you add a new behavior to an existing routine that you have already implemented successfully.  An example could be doing a mindfulness practice while you’re brushing your teeth. This works very well because current habits are ingrained in your brain after being strengthened over the years. When you link a new behavior to an existing one, the neurological pathways are already there to help bridge the connection.” Living in the moment “This challenge has reinforced my need to accept that which I can’t control. In doing so, my fear and anxiety have waned. I’ve stopped worrying about the future, about what may be, about what could be, and embraced living in the moment. Finally implementing this simple mindset shift, which is something I’ve heard over and over for years and years, has freed me from my own prison of chains. I feel lighter, happier, more in control, and more at peace.” Daily intention-setting “Over the past two months of quarantine, I have been making the effort to sit down for five minutes each morning and set daily intentions. I also review them before bed at night, which I’ve found has allowed me to unwind each evening and sleep better. Setting intentions each morning gives me the opportunity to assess each day with my family’s schedule, and reviewing them at night has helped me reflect on my wins and what I was able to achieve that day. This is a really helpful habit that I plan to continue.”

“Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you." ~Byron Katie

A revised morning routine “I have perfected my morning routine during this time through an exercise I call the ‘GAME,’ which stands for gratitude, affirmations, meditation, and energy. First, before rising from bed, I think of ten things in my life for which I am grateful. Then, I practice my affirmations. I have a list of 50 that I refer to, but you don’t need that many. I then move onto meditation, and finally, consider my physical energy level. These four easy practices help me get ready to begin the day in more joyful anticipation. Previously, I would get up and throw myself into a mad dash to get out the door, already worrying about the stressors of the day. I don’t do that anymore, and I don’t plan on returning to that habit after the pandemic.” The post-COVID world offers many possibilities, including dramatically reorganizing your priorities and engagements. What needs to change in yourself, your family, in your home, and in your community? Are you going to desperately rebuild what you had or create something new?  What kind of person do you want to be in the new world? What can you learn from this crisis? There is always something to be learned. Now is a great time to Journal the lesson(s) you have learned. What you need to change when this is all over and what will be your NEW NORMAL. I will be posting this on Facebook and Instagram, I'd love to hear from you and what changes you plan to make when this is over.

I created these FREE  7- journaling prompts (fillable on your computer so you don't need to print out) to help you express your emotions and feelings while we are social distancing and dealing with isolation.  Writing about what you're dealing with allows you to think about it differently. It allows you to see if differently. It turns confusion into words and coherent thoughts, which you can then comprehend and choose what to do with.  Journaling helps you become far more self-aware, it helps you reframe experiences, and helps you proactively determine who you want to be and how you want to act.

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