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How to Survive.... Everyday Life after a Retreat or Vacation.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Reentry into everyday life after a retreat or vacation is often so difficult, and you don't know why.

It's almost like you went to Mars on vacation and you're reentering the Earth's atmosphere, but there's so much friction. Going back to everyday life can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be that way! We so love planning the retreat or vacation – or at least anticipating it – yet we may avoid endings (who likes to say goodbye?), so we ignore things that end. Which means we come home to chaos or loneliness, and perhaps both. You lose the benefits of the retreat or vacation more quickly, and maybe even convince ourselves it's not worthwhile to ever leave…. again. Let's stay home and work all the time. Or "It's not fair to my partner, too hard on my business, too much hassle to treat myself to a retreat." Please don't believe those lies. You need a more mindful reentry plan and to ...Breathe! Here are a few ideas to consider: 1. Take A Day When you return from your retreat or vacation to your everyday life, it might feel alien in many ways. You have a new normal, but the world around you wants you to go back to the past you. Don't stress…give yourself a day or two. Figure out how you can mix your new perspective with your life that works for you. Less is best the first week back…. take it slow. ...Breathe! 2. Back On The Horse Too Quick You get back and the list of "to do's" is long. Need to call your Mom. Check emails. Share pictures on social media. Catch up on laundry. Go food shopping. Pay Bills…… It can't be done all at once. Prioritize and take your time. ...Breathe! 3. Don't Turn Into Superwoman I did something fun for myself, so now I will take care of everyone, work 15 hours a day, eat only veggies at every meal, exercise two hours a day, launch a business, and repaint the house by Thursday". Please flush the superhuman act down the toilet. ...Breathe! 4. Over Zealous One minor change at a time, please. Five minutes of meditation, not twenty. Or even one minute! Ten minutes of positive writing in your journal, don't quit your job and write a mega best-seller by Saturday. ...Breathe! 5. Your Happy Place You can go back to your happy place anytime you feel the need by putting your hand on your heart and savor a memory –Thirty seconds reliving the memories while breathing in and out. ...Breathe! 6. It's Your Experience Especially after retreats, you may find people in your life wanting to pin you down on what happened, asking you questions and probing to know how you have changed but you know better. After a retreat, you may have friends'or family members corner you and ask, "what happen!? What did you do??!!!" Did she ….??? Have a response ready for these curious souls (they want to be brave enough to do what you just did…. but they don't know that, so they try to take it from you). Talking about the food is often a great diversion: "Oh, the Tiramisu birthday cake, you would have loved it!" If they persist, you need to be firm. "I'm not ready to talk about it yet but thank you so much for asking." Protect what is yours. Your experience and your life. As they say, what happens at a retreat, stays at a retreat. ...Breathe! 7. Keep the Spirit Alive What will keep the spirit of the retreat/vacation alive? Meditate? A hike? Yoga? Photos? Treasures found on the beach? Find what works for you. Be the goddess, live the life you want, build the life you will love and don't forget to…. Breathe! Until next time….. "I allow the Divine Female Healing energy to run through me, to heal my soul & others; I allow myself to love me for who I am, I accept my past, I accept my experiences & I no longer am a victim of my past. I now release any negative energy and replace it with compassionate, loving positive energy, allowing my inner goddess to flow! So be it! "

With Love & Gratitude, Barbara


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