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Week #1 - Email Marketing Challenge

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

If you missed last week's email, I've decided to take on an email marketing challenge.

I call it the “Risk it to Get the Biscuit” Email Marketing Challenge.

The goal is to turn an inactive woodworking website that makes an average of $50 passive income weekly, into a money-making conversion machine. $$$$

A lot of people cringe at the idea of having to market something so…unsexy, but I took it on as a big, fat challenge.

In the case of woodworking—as is the case with many businesses—you’re up against one very unsexy truth: It’s all pretty much the same.

Every woodworking website and all the woodworking plans are the same.

There’s no real difference in what you get.

Really, the only difference is the size of your lathe <Insert dirty joke.>. And you know what all that means? It means that woodworking is pretty much a commodity.

An apple is an apple is an apple.

So, how do you become #1?

If all of the woodworking crafters are essentially providing the same product, how do you become the best at the same?

The answer:

You don’t build a different product.

You build a different brand.

Here's what I mean.

Week 1: “Risk it to Get the Biscuit” Email Marketing Challenge

*I will not reveal the website or products for privacy and SEO reasons.


Type: Informational / Educational/ Woodworking Enthusiast

Target Audience: men - 25-65 years old

Monetization: Display ads & affiliates - Clickbank products.

ESP: Getresponse


Establish a baseline:

Email stats:

Last email sent: Jan 15, 2023

Delivered: 211

Open rate: 27.49

Click rate: 1.42

Defining my goals - Build engagement and increase conversions.

My goals are simple: to build engagement and relationships that lead to loyal customers.

I’ll send content that is useful and shows our human side.

The results…

My first email sent: May 4, 2023

Subject Line: Beginner Woodworking Plans: Create Stunning Projects in No Time!

Delivered: 323

Open rate: 29.1

Click rate: 4.64

Resend to all that didn't open the first email: May 5, 2023

New Subject Line: The #1 LESSON I learned from my first real woodworking project

Delivered: 239

Open rate: 16.74

Click rate: 1.67

Total stats:

Open rate: 45.84

Click rate: 6.31

That's a significant improvement!!!!

I'm pretty happy with the results.


Here is the email copy without links.



Dear [name]

I was once a beginner too.


My first project was a wooden bowl.

I thought, “How hard could it be?”

I know. I can hear you laughing.

Of course, I encountered challenges along the way, but I kept at it and completed the project. I learned many new skills, such as measuring, turning, sanding, and assembling the pieces.

When I presented the finished bowl to my wife, she was overjoyed and touched that I had made something for her with such care and love. She couldn't stop admiring the bowl and kept telling me how much she appreciated it.

It was a truly heartwarming moment, and it made me realize how much joy and satisfaction can come from creating something with your own hands.

So, if you’re a beginner…stick with it. [Link to article on the website]

If you’re more advance…keep creating.

Looking for more inspiration and creative projects.

Imagine having easy access to [clickbank product]

You can make projects that your friends and family will treasure forever.


P.S. You won't believe what happened when I attempted my next project. _________________________________________________


Plan for week 2.

Plan & Goal - Learn more about the audience.

When we know and understand our target audience, we can create content that will resonate based on their needs and desires. Provide solutions to their problems ie, sell products.

In the next email, I’ll provide value, and ask questions about what they want or what they are struggling with to get further insights.

The more you know, the more you grow!

Until next time.


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