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Find Your Unstoppable Brand Voice in as little as 10-Minutes.

It's a crowded market and you need to differentiate yourself but how? And be authentic to who you truly are?

Discover your Brand Archetypes and make your brand relatable and unforgettable. Give people a REASON to want to buy from YOU. Not just anyone. YOU.


Take the 10-minute assessment. It's 100% Free! (plus, a free 20-minute 'get into action today' consultation.)


I thought you'd never ask...

Archetypes are images, characteristics, and qualities that are imprinted in our human psyche and are immediately understood because they are universal.


  • We intuitively understand archetypes.

  • They immediately create meaning and feeling.

  • Brands are about emotion and connection.

Think of it this way...knowing your archetype will help you connect with your clients by creating memorable and lasting impressions. Not only to capture their attention in just seconds but to keep them wanting more. 

How? Through storytelling. Shape your brand by using storytelling to engage your audience, define your brand, and create that deep emotional connection with your clients.

Archetypes are the core behind storytelling, which will create a lasting and loyal relationship with your clients.


Storytelling through archetypes will:

  • Help you stand out among your competitors.

  • Be more YOU, no more comparison or winging it 

  • Create a meaningful connection with your clients, in a way that is authentic to YOU!

  • Make brand decisions faster and with more confidence

  • Turn people into raving fans, happy to pay what you deserve

Develop Your Brand Messaging In Less Time (Without the Feeling Of Overwhelm)

No more hoping you are connecting with your subscribers but never really knowing if you are. No more feeling overwhelmed and not sure you're doing it right. No more feeling you're behind. No more got this!

Happy patriotic crowd
Working from Home

Supercharge Your Messaging, Blindfolded

Knowing your archetypes helps turn an average, easy to forget, under-performing piece of content into a supercharged piece of powerful persuasion that sells your product or service on autopilot. We specialize in teaching you about your archetypes which means no more hoping it will work. You will know what to say and how. The result? An instant 20 - 40%* increase in your engagement and confidence…just from changing how you communicate.

Relax Knowing You're "On Brand"

Things you can stop worrying about: feeling guilty for not having a clear brand; feeling shame at not sure how to stay focused; frustration at not knowing how to get it all done; stress from not knowing if you're working on the right thing at the right time; and worrying that you're messaging is not compelling. Instead, enjoy a digestible and easy-to-follow plan buzzing full of life. Wake up and look forward to starting your day knowing exactly what needs to be written and how. Greet new content with enthusiasm and excitement. 

Local Coffee Shop

You Don't Have To Be A Content
 As You Think 

You won’t have to learn any long and complex equations, you won’t have to learn a new language, you won’t have to give up your weekends and time with your family, you won’t even have to know psychology. All you have to do is take a quick 10-minute assessment, and watch as the hundreds maybe thousands of dollars you’re losing each year by not having a clear unique brand message? Comes dripping into your account. Because who doesn’t want extra $$$ by just tweaking what you have been doing? Discover your archetypes, get on-brand, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

Success Stories....

Sarah McLean
Best Selling Author

sarah mclean.jpg

 “Barbara is not only a business coach and great copywriter but she also has an amazing skillset that empowers, challenges, and highlights her clients’ talents.  Before working with Barbara, I was struggling to stay connected with my contacts via email. She helped me leverage my list by writing the most engaging emails that seemed to read their minds. They paid attention, got excited, and took action – signing up for my programs and offerings. Barbara meets and beats crunch time and has helped me turn my many “maybe” clients into “yes” clients that I love to work with!  She really proves what a difference the right person on the team can make. I am so grateful to Barbara and recommend her 100%!  Thank goodness for her.”  


•Learn the Secrets to writing Compelling, Clear, Cohesive, and Consistent Content

Using your Archetypes as your Guide•



(only takes 10 minutes)

Plus a free 20-minute consultation

to review your results so you can take action today!

Let's get you on-brand with your unique voice so your clients only want you, pay you, and no one else.

Success Stories....

Kristine Augustyn 



 Artist & Film Production

 "The Ultimate Breakthrough Business Coaching Program made a huge difference in my business. Branding with Archetypes is incredible. Now, I can make all my business decisions with confidence and clarity knowing I’m on brand and attracting my ideal clients. Game Changer!"

Success Stories....

Tony Saccardi 



 Emotional Intelligence Coach

"I followed up with Barbara, took the test and got a free consultation on my archetype (Sage and Alchemist) which fit me like a glove. Working with Barbara Murphy-Shannon on my personal branding and it is one of the best things I did for myself this year.

My take away was that this archetype system which we inherited from Carl Jung is probably as old as humanity and we can easily relate to them, all of us, including our clients. Knowing who you are really clarifies how you want to show up on your website and in social media to attract the people you actually want to be with. For me being a coach is as much about people finding me as it is about me finding them. Social media is a little bit like leaving a trail of bread crumbs for people to find you and thanks to Barbara I feel I now understand the type of bread crumbs I need to attract and retain the right people for me.

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