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What is Coaching?

50 years of

Coaching is an opportunity to focus on you and your dreams and aspirations.


In day to day life, being busy with family, friends, work, and hobbies often means that you and your wants and needs get left to the side.


Coaching gives you the space to think about you, your thoughts and feelings, your business, and about what is important to you.  


As your coach, I help you mentally get your head in a place of less fear and more confidence.


I help you take that overwhelming feeling and start feeling you got this. I work with you as a partner supporting you while providing my years of knowledge and information, so you can keep moving forward.


I don’t do the work for you. I’ll give you a map, and you’ll do the driving. When you hit a roadblock, you now have roadside assistance …!

I only work with people who have the desire and motivation to change! 

However, it’s crucially important that you hire the Coach that is a brilliant fit for you, so please keep reading and ask yourself the question…..

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There are tens of thousands of Coaches available and we all have different areas of expertise and operate with slightly contrasting approaches and styles.

Therefore, if you read the lists below and think we'll gel, then we should talk.

Seriously we should because we can almost certainly help you and get you to where you want to go with more ease and quicker than you imagine.

We'll work amazingly together and you'll see results if...

You want to start a business or have a better career, but don't know where to start

You want a brand that connects with your ideal clients

You want a plan that actually works

You want freedom and clarity in your life 

You feel confused by having too many options

You know you can do this if you just had some help

On the other hand, we probably won't be a great fit if...


You're not interested in learning new skills.


You think a couple of hours per week will be enough for you to establish yourself.

You're not prepared to put yourself out there.

You think it’s cool to have a coach, but don’t want to do any work.

An Investment in Yourself

The word ‘investment’ gets bandied about a lot by people trying to sell you things, yet rarely outside the world of financial institutions and antiquities is anything a true investment.

Business Coaching is an exception because coaching is an investment in your most precious resource, you.


I can help you achieve that, if that is, you are prepared to invest in yourself and work hard to build the life and career you always wanted.

Please be aware that if you book a package prior to my speaking with you I will still need to make sure we're a great fit.


If you want to make a change in your business and or career and make sure it sticks long after your last Business Coaching session then this is for you.

It’s our most popular package because it gives us enough time to get to the root of the issue and give you the tools you want to make those important lasting changes.


8 x 1-hour Business Mindset Coaching sessions.
Free email support for the duration of the coaching sessions
Elevate in 2021 (6 modules) Goal Planning course ($500 value)
Execute in 2021 (6 modules) Execute your Goals course ($500 value)







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