Hi, I'm Barbara

I'm so glad you're here. 

I help people just like you that want work-life balance so they can spend quality time with family and friends while living a healthy lifestyle.



I'm a professional life and mindset coach who partners with my clients to live a healthy life full of joy and purpose by working with the whole person, through a mix of psychology, tools to transform your mindset, proven practical and actionable strategies as well as supportive guidance.

I help you get where you want to go in less time.


Stop wasting more time thinking, playing it over and over in your mind. Time to take action.


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More about me?

I’m Barbara Murphy-Shannon, I have my master's in psychology and life coaching certificate from Grand Canyon University, a coach life and business coach, writer, blogger and visionary empowering women to pursue their dreams.


I'm just a wee bit Irish, momma of two children and a high energy golden doodle named Jessie and married to the love of my life. I love to go hiking and mountain biking or just as happy staying home with a good movie curled up on the sofa.


I grew up outside of Boston, so I speak two languages. English and Bostonain (Paak the caa in Haavaad Yard). After a hard days work my adult beverage of choice is vodka, water with a splash of cranberry so its pink not red...and lots of ice. I was introduced to this drink by my sister Mo (Maureen), and we have since named the cocktail after her ~ "MoShine."

That brings me to my story and how I got here.

In 2016 I just wasn't happy with my career. I had this feeling deep inside I should be pursuing something different, something that inspired me, something that filled my heart and that I could help others but I couldn’t figure out what “it” was?

Can you feel me?


Not realizing it then, the Universe was sending me signals but I wasn’t paying attention. Long story short, I had a couple of life altering events that woke me up (my sister Mo passing away suddenly for one) and I started to listen.


I followed the bread crumbs which lead me to life coaching and I went back to college to pursue my new career as a Coach. I received my Graduate Certificate in Life Coaching in 2017 and I graduated with my masters in psychology in October 2019...yippy!!


My clients are mostly women (sorry guys), all ages and backgrounds with no single defining difference except they want to be happy, ready for change, realize life is short and we only get one. The clock is ticking….


If you feel stuck, unhappy, and ready to re-write the next chapter of your life, let’s have a conversation or if you would like to know more about how a Coach can help you, Let's connect. I offer a complimentary 30 minute "get to know your" call to answer all your questions...no obligation. I promise you'll walk-away feeling better, have more clarity and a plan to start moving forward with your life.





But no matter what you choose to do next, here’s my challenge for you. Do something- anything at all, no matter how small, it should be something that makes you feel happy, excited and grateful to be alive!




P.S. I host retreats and workshop throughout the year at incredible locations for a small group of like-minded women and space is always limited so join the tribe and be the first to know!




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