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You’re Tired of Wishful Thinking But You Don’t Know How to Create a Plan, Put It All Together with Action Steps, and Getting That Process Started Feels Like a

Massive Task. 

It's Time YOU Met ...



For Entrepreneurs and Leaders who want to become unstoppable and achieve their goals, Elevate is your solution that guarantees more done in less time.



You are in the right place! 



  • To have your 2021 plan all done and ready to implement.

  • To know the process and the steps needed to evaluate opportunities and reject anything that doesn't move you toward your desired outcomes.

  • To have someone take you step-by-step through the process without any confusion or overwhelm. And maybe even have some fun!

  • To enjoy more time doing what you want with the people you love.

  • To know you are on track to reaching your "biggest business" 2021 goal.

Elevate Your Business In Less Time (Without the Feeling Of Overwhelm)

The only way most business owners and leaders know how to get things done is by (haha) creating a long to-do list that is never-ending. Crossing off things as they get done. Hoping they are making progress but never really knowing if they are. Could you imagine? But in the meantime—[plants feet firmly back in reality] you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure you're doing it right. You're just hoping it will work. You need a plan that will work.

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Virtual Team Meeting
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Supercharge Productivity, Blindfolded

Our proprietary planning system turns an average, easy to forget, under-performing process into a supercharged piece of lightning lust that burst with productivity on autopilot. We specialize in teaching you what we call a “Laser Focus Formula” which means no more hoping it will work. You will know what to work on and when. The result? An instant 20 - 40%* increase in your productivity and confidence in your success…just from changing what you do each day.

Relax Knowing Your Achieving Your Goals Without All The Stress

Things you can stop worrying about: feeling guilty for not having a plan; feeling shame at not sure how to stay focused; frustration at not knowing how to get it all done; stress from not knowing if your working on the right thing at the right time; and worrying that you're not going to end up where you want to be. Instead, enjoy a digestible and easy-to-follow plan buzzing full of life. Wake up and look forward to starting your day knowing exactly what needs to be done. Greet new tasks with enthusiasm and excitement. Maybe even treat yourself to a day off—confident you have achieved so much.

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You Don't Have To Be A Strategic Genius As You Think 

You won’t have to learn any long and complex equations, you won’t have to learn a new language, you won’t have to give up your weekends and time with your family, you won’t even have to know how to log in to your website. (Though we can teach you if you want.) All you have to do is put our Elevate system in motion, and watch as the hundreds maybe thousands of dollars you’re losing each year by not having a clear plan? Comes dripping into your account. Because who doesn’t want extra $$$ by just tweaking what you have been doing? Get Elevated, and let it do the heavy lifting for you.

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Kym Dianovich

Director of Pro Sales at NuFace

"I definitely recommend Barbara if you want straight-talking advice with clear instructions on all the steps you need to take and the support and accountability to make sure you get it done.

She has a wealth of goal-setting experience, plus she’s just great fun to work with."




You’re Tired of Wishful Thinking But You Don’t Know How to Create a Plan, Put It All Together with Action Steps, and Getting That Process Started

It Feels Like a Massive Task. 

Take our 5-day challenge now to discover the top 5 ways to achieve your goals in less time—without the overwhelm and stress that you're not doing it right.

It’s FREE!


Jill Golden

Writer & Movie Producer

"Working with Coach Barbara Murphy-Shannon has opened up key insights into my behaviors and ways of thinking. Through her practical advice, attuned listening skills, and nurturing nature, she provides me with several realistic, actionable suggestions designed specifically for me and my goals.  She has this incredible way of breaking down seemingly complex goal planning into a simple, digestible and doable plan of action."

Take our 5-day challenge now to discover the top 5 ways to achieve your goals in less time—become UNSTOPPABLE!

It’s FREE!

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Ann Marie Bell

Vice President Mediasource Worldwide Inc

"2020 was a challenging year for me both personally and professionally.  Working with Barbara helped me to identify and focus on my "why" despite the distractions around me.  In doing so, I was surprised at how easily the clarity and direction came to set achievable goals.  Today I am focused and have elevated my goal planning into action and have seen incredible, life-changing results.  Thank you, Barbara!"