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I'm Barbara Murphy-Shannon and I'm your go-to Mindset Coach. I champion women just like you, Sister. Whether you want more confidence, done with being taken advantage of, or just need someone to help you make sense of it all, I can help.

Meet Barbara 

Need a Mindset Reset. I can help.

Are you ready to get your life back on track?

Are you looking to change and transform your life and/or business?  Are you ready to get over the fear of "not doing it right" and perfectionism paralysis.  


Are you ready?

People are talking....

Jill Golden

Writer & Movie Producer

Working with Coach Barbara Murphy-Shannon has opened up key insights into my behaviors and ways of thinking.  Through her practical advice, attuned listening skills and nurturing nature, she provides me with several realistic, actionable suggestions designed specifically for me.  She demonstrates through using personal examples and taps into her wealth of knowledge to help me on my journey. Her Coaching techniques continue to impact my life positively. After our sessions together, I am better focused, more grounded and willing to do the work.


I get it!


You're feeling frustrated and confused.

I was so sick of all the "shiny objects" and so tired of hearing all of the bad or incomplete advice. It wasn't working....until now. I have an exclusive coaching tool that will help you with ease and grace. It has changed my life and my business forever. It will work for you to. Ready? 

People are talking....

Kristine Augustyn 


 Artist & Film Production

"My experience with Barbara was AMAZING! I had a job interview I was nervous about and Barbara suggested we use her exclusive coaching technique to help. Barbara walked me through the whole way, and we were able to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.  This method really helped me to see the different sides of the situation and go into the interview with more confidence and less fear. If you are feeling stuck or worried about a situation, I highly recommend working with Barbara, you’ll feel so much better, I promise."

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